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 1750 Tau Vs Tyranids

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1750 Tau Vs Tyranids Empty
PostSubject: 1750 Tau Vs Tyranids   1750 Tau Vs Tyranids EmptyThu Nov 28, 2013 12:04 am

I'll try to make this thorough, but not too long.... I played a 'soft' tyranid warrior list, and though my opponent is clever, and familiar with his own army, he doesn't research tricks as I do.

we used my terrain tiles, and a couple other tall impassble/ruin pieces, so there were at least 6 areas of terrain and good LoS blocking, but some fire lanes as well.

we rolled up the Scouring and Vanguard, I won deployment and took first turn, to avoid the alpha strike.

I brought:

Hive tyrant with reroll to hit and wings (i get Warp Speed and Smite)
Tyranid Prime with Deathspitter who joins (and gives his Bs to) 5 Warriors 4x Deathspitter and Venom Cannon
-this squad puts out 15 Bs4 S5 Ap5 shots and a S6 blast.
they are in a Spore with an extra gun, cuz they're monsters and can shoot two
a brood of 16 hormagaunts is babysat by another small warrior squad, just with claws
Two broods of Genestealers, 14 each, two Broodlords
three Raveners with guns like the warriors (beasts, and scoring for mission)
ten Gargoyles (scoring for mission)
two Biovores (S4 Ap4 LgBlast,Barrage)
a Mawloc (which arrives with a S6 Ap2 LgBlast)
and a handfull of deep striking spores that I threw in the middle of his deployment zone, and got stamped out by 2+ saves

He brought:

Battlesuit commander with some guns and split fire, and gives his Bs5 to the drones in his squad

Riptide with Ion and TLPlasma, two missle drones

twenty Kroot with Sniper rounds
twelve fire warriors with two marker light drones and split fire (etherial here)
ten fire warriors

six stealth suits with burst cannons

14ish marker light drones in a squad (commander joins)
three rail rifle broadsides
hammerhead with Longstrike (Bs5 and can overwatch/support fire)

I place two objectives in the two corners on my left side, one in the centre about a foot from my right board edge, he places three in a triange more or less within his deployment zone
I choose to deploy in my left hand corner, gargoyles on my left flank, somewhat forward, Raveners central and on the line, hormagaunts in the thin wedge of my deployment zone with the claw warriors behind and the Tyrant alone in my furthest back corner so a turn of flying would put it in terrain, and it would be safer if Inititative is Stolen. Mawloc, warrior spore DS, both stealers Outflank.

I also scattered a few mines through the centre of his deployment zone, this means that the broadsides and riptide start in the centre to stamp them out, while the Kroot and Etherial lead Warriors take some terrain in this thin deployment wedge, near the centre of the back edge, the other warrior squad sets up near the objective I placed on my centre right. the drones and commander and central, and the hammerhead is in his back corner, on my right.
Initiative is not stolen. the 4 far on my left side and a 3 objective in my deployment corner on my left side, the two 2 objectives are sort of along the centre line lengthwise, one near each board edge, the other 3 back with his broadsides and hammerhead, and a 1 with the etherial bunker.

kind of long but if i could keep him distracted in his zone on the right long enough, I could likely take the three objectives along my left table edge.

Hormagaunts sweep right towards the fire warriors, staying in cover, nid warriors behind, Raveners move to the middle of the table hidden from sight in a building, the Tyrant moves up the left flank to end behind the gargoyles though flying, the biovores back up from their deployment beside the raveners, and start to blast at the etherial, one scatters and takes out a couple marker drones.

His first turn, he puts 7+ lights on the hormagaunts, and kills all but one, also instant kills a biovore with the broadsides.

My turn 2, only one stealer doesn't come on. the outflank is rolled to my right, so they move aggressively on to chase the hammerhead and then broadsides in the corner, while closer the spore lands near his fire warriors on my right, and while aiming to pop the mawloc on the broadsides, i instead mishap and kill myself, doing nothing. my tyrant lands to change direction behind a building, the biovore backs up again, and the now exposed warriors move up in the wake of the dead gaunts. I shoot down half the stealth unit with the big warrior squad, and clip the fire warriors with the spore, nobody runs.

His second turn he lights up the genestealers and whipes them out. also kills a warrior from each squad.

My turn 3, my other outflankers arrive on my left, so they just move on my back corner to claim a 3, the gargoyles are huddled on my left, in the middle on a 2 within a turn of the 4. the Tyrant flies to the middle of the table behind the raveners, the claw warriors move up again, hidding alot, since there are only two, and the shooty warriors move towards some cover and the fire warriors, whom they hurt bad but don't break.

His turn three, he kills the last two claw warriors, and nearly the shooty squad, and puts two wounds on the Tyrant.
close to calling the game, but I just hope I can keep up the pressure one more turn....

My turn 4, the raveners jump out of terrain for the first time, in front of the Riptide, and shoot past it to kill the 3 remaining stealth suits, yah! the Tyrant flies past them to threaten my right side of the table one last time, since I have till now pushed him off all but his 1 pointer.

He kills the biovore, the raveners, and the tyrant.... can I hold out to claim something in the end... no everyone dies to some unlucky rolls, and his commanders 3d6 jump every turn ensures the tau are contesting everywhere for turn 5.

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1750 Tau Vs Tyranids
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